About Us

Tone House Records is an independent record label based out of Las Vegas Nevada. It was started by Jeff Duncan of Armored Saint and Record Producer / Mixing Engineer Jason Constantine as a way to release Jeff's music without the need to work with a large label, and to keep control of our music in house. 

We are a small label with only 3 staff members which allows us to keep a close eye on all our artists and fan base. We like to keep things on a small scale in order to fully keep tabs on everything going on. 
Tone House Records is now opening its doors to new artists and accepting all submissions that meet our submission criteria. Please make sure everything you send meets this criteria, if it does not you will not be considered. Multiple submissions that don't meet our criteria will  be disqualified from all future consideration.

Genres Accepted: 
Rock (All Sub Genres) / Metal (All Sub Genres) / Instrumental Music (All Sub Genres)

Professionally Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered CD or Digital Releases

Positive Social Media Presence on all of the following platforms:
- Minimum 2000 Subscribers On YouTube
- Minimum 5000 Views On YouTube (Channel total not per video)
- Minimum 2000 Followers On Facebook
- Minimum 2000 Followers On Instagram
- Multiple Positive Engagements From Fans On Your Social Media

If you meet all of the above criteria please click the link below to submit your band for consideration. 

Submit Your Band For Consideration